Welcome to your health!

At Gasper Chiropractic we help patients achieve optimal wellness. Dr. Charlanne Gasper, DC, CCN, supports patient wellness by addressing numerous aspects of lifestyle resulting in a patient centered relationship.

By focusing on your unique biomechanical and physiological needs, Dr. Gasper is able to provide the care needed to achieve normal bodily function. Her approach is best defined as “wellness care” that all patients receive at Gasper Chiropractic.

Current state of healthcare

The current healthcare system is on a path of an unsustainable future. Conventional medicine focuses on treating symptoms of disease after a condition has developed. Focusing on symptoms of disease instead of the underlying condition has resulted in dramatically high healthcare costs. This approach has decreased our overall wellness and major change needs to occur to break this cycle.

Fixing healthcare in the US

The future of healthcare in the US is an evolutionary step that we are at the cusp of. As focus switches from treating symptoms of disease to treating the underlying conditions of disease, the caring for health concept will evolve into the concept of promoting wellness in patients. This idea of “wellness care” promotes positive change in individuals in order to prevent common disease.

Dr. Gasper utilizes her roles as a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist to educate patients on lifestyle habits that promote wellness. As this website evolves, it will aim to serve as an educational reference for promoting wellness in all individuals.